Ultimate SaleSolution Hyaluronic-Pen Weight-Loss Ampoule Dissolve Fat Lipolytic Korea Skin-Firming

Solution Hyaluronic-Pen Weight-Loss Ampoule Dissolve Fat Lipolytic Korea Skin-Firming

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    Ultimate SaleSolution Hyaluronic-Pen Weight-Loss Ampoule Dissolve Fat Lipolytic Korea Skin-Firming Specification & Description Summary

    Ultimate SaleSolution Hyaluronic-Pen Weight-Loss Ampoule Dissolve Fat Lipolytic Korea Skin-Firming Specification

    • TypeTattoo Tip
    • NameThe RED Ampoule Solution
    • ItemTattoo Tips
    • Volume5x10ml 5bottles/box

    Korean weight loss RED Ampoule Solution10ml Atomizer Hialuron Pen Hyaluronic pen skin firming Lipolytic solution fat dissolve

    1.The Red Fat Soluble Ingredients Introduction:Vitamin B12: in the form of coenzyme, can increase the utilization of folic acid and promote the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteinsMetabolizes fatty acids, making fat, carbohydrates and proteins suitable for use by the bodyBromelain: It can catalyze the cleavage of peptide bonds in protein molecules, decompose proteins, peptides, lipids and amides, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects.Lecithin: Decomposes large excess particles of fat, replenishes acetylcholine, and replenishes energy2.Injection method:A box of TheRed face acupuncture needles 5 × 10ml.①Face injection: Use a 4mm needle to pick up the skin vertically and inject it in points without adding anything.Make point marks in the target area, each point is about 1 cm away. 0.2 ~ 0.5ml of each point is hit on the fat layer and it doesn't matter if it is hit on the muscle. Only 1 pcs is needed on the face at a time. Gently massage after injection, not swollen.②Body injection: The depth of the needle is about 4 to 6 mm. Make point marks in the target area, each point is about 1 cm away.The depth of the needle is determined according to the location. Do not inject it too deeply (do not pierce the 13mm needle to the end). The best effect is to hit the upper layer of the fat layer. It will definitely swell when you hit the nerve when you hit it deep, and it will be hard and painful. Therefore, we can also use the full pin needle fan-shaped play, the small face needle must be properly hit the fat layer, the effect is absolutely great.It is also suggested that for customers who are in pain, ice can be applied first and then injected, which greatly reduces the pain.3.How to use(1)Process:①Cleansing: using cleansing products to wash your face carefully②Unpack the eyedropper and put it in the entrance③Before applying to the skin, if you use MTS, which is helpful for absorption. (it does not matter even if you do it)④After applying appropriate amount to skin, like a gentle massage rolling, or use it with a needle-free hyaluronic acid pen⑤Using Cell Hyperactivation Steps /LPL to increase the recovery rate of damaged tissues. At the same time, the absorption rate is doubled. LED light irradiation 5 minutes(LPL stardard)⑥Soothing moisturizing cream or soothing moisturizing mask pack, use to finish the last step(2)detailed steps① Shake the vial well to mix the particles deposited at the bottom.②In case of abdomen / waist, inject 0.7-0.8ml locally, then move to the next half inch or centimeter.In this way, you will take 8-10 bottles according to the degree of obesity, and it is recommended to repeat this treatment for 4-5 times in 10-15 days interval, which will cause the patient to consume 3-5 boxes to complete a complete treatment process. The whole process will eventually reduce by 4-6 inches!③In case of other parts such as double chin, armpit, upper arm and thigh, the injection quantity shall be adjusted (reduced substantially) according to the obesity degree of the injected part.4.Note① Do not make up at that day②If you are taking aspirin or other similar anticoagulant drugs, stop using them for several days before injection.③Do not use tobacco, alcohol, spicy, spicy, or irritating foods after use.④After use, slight redness, swelling, bruising and temporary discomfort will appear. Cold compress can be used.⑤Keep the parts clean after operation. Do not scratch the needles with your hands. Do not get wet for 24 hours to prevent infection. If you have symptoms of infection at the use site, you must suspend use.⑥Effective after swelling, it usually takes one to two weeks to achieve the best effect.⑦Thirst and increased urination after use are normal.⑧After using, you should pay attention to normal diet, do not overeating, you can exercise properly to speed up metabolism and enhance physical fitness.⑨The effect can be permanent if you no longer lose weight or suddenly gain weight. If individual users do not pay attention to diet, they may rebound slightly and can be reused.5.Precautions①Unopened products are stored in a cool place, and when you do not open it for a long time, avoid large temperature difference in the storage area.②This product is for external use only. If there is any discomfort during using, please stop using it immediately.③The product is stored within 48 hours after opening and keep it sealed cryopreservation④Please keep out of reach of children6.Why chose it?1.- If you're worried because of the facethat looks big2.- If you're struggling with facial linesthat have fallen off the elasticity3.- If you want to correct the asymmetryof your face4.- When you're troubled by the thickdouble chin5- For those who are troubled with bigcheekbone6.- For those who do not have a great effecton the existing facial contouring7.- If you feel uncomfortable withliposuction8.- Those who did not gain weigh lossby diet9.- If you want to lose weight quickly ina short time10.- If you want to solve localized fat in aspecific area7.Main injection site①Double chin: fat layer on face makes neck and double chin thicker②Underarm, forearm: arm around triceps, underarm of forearm ③Back: bra lines make clothes look dishy ④Abdomen area, ribs (love handle): abdomen area and heavier ribs on both sides, rear love handle ⑤Hip: the line under the hip connected with the thigh ⑥Thigh: an outer or inner line bent by too much fat

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